Easy Recipes, Vegetarian Tofu

Tofu is an essential ingredient for vegetarians because it is high in protein while being low in fat. As a meat substitute, this makes it a staple in many vegetarian kitchens and in a lot of vegetarian recipes. However, a lot of time people don’t know how to prepare it so that it has any real flavor, which is why tofu seems to have such a bad reputation. However, there are a number of easy recipes vegetarians will find to be easy and flavorful, and they all include tofu as the main ingredient.

One great recipe is for a barbecue tofu sandwich. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spread with your favorite barbecue sauce. On top of this, lay tofu slices, and then brush additional barbecue sauce on top of the tofu. If you want to add a little more flavor, you can also include some garlic cloves or chopped onion over the top of the tofu and barbecue sauce, as well. Bake the tofu in the oven for between forty-five minutes to an hour, or until the tofu is moist. Remove the tofu and add to toasted Italian sandwich rolls that are lined up in a broiler-safe pan. Brush some extra barbecue sauce over the top and sprinkle with fresh mozzarella cheese or another cheese of your choice. Place under the broiler and cook until the cheese is melted and starting to brown. Top the sandwiches with some grilled onion, and any other sandwich toppings you like, and serve.

Other easy recipes for vegetarians include tofu chili. In a Dutch oven or stock pot, heat some crumbled tofu in a little bit of vegetable oil in a stock. Add some chopped onions, bell peppers, garlic, mushrooms, chili powder, cayenne, cumin, and salt and pepper. Coo until the vegetables start to get tender. Then, add some tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, a variety of beans, and a little bit of sugar to cut the bitterness of the tomatoes. Simmer for at least an hour and serve with oyster crackers, chopped green onions, salsa, and shredded cheese. Not only does this dish a lot of vegetables in it, but the tofu and beans are great substitutes for ground beef or pork and will offer you a chance to get more protein in your diet.

Finally, you can make easy recipes for vegetarian eaters by coming up with new salads. One great salad is an Asian Salad with Crispy Tofu, and even better, it has a bit of spice behind it. Cut your tofu into strips. Dip the tofu in some soy sauce and then into a bowl with flour, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, so the tofu is coated on all sides. Fry in some oil until the tofu is brown and crispy. Set the tofu aside to cool on some paper towels, which will also help remove the excess oil. For the salad, boil some small potatoes and cut into bite-size pieces, steam some baby spinach and shredded cabbage, and wash some bean sprouts. Arrange these ingredients on a plate with the fried tofu. Then, make the spicy dressing for this salad by mixing together garlic, peanuts, soy sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, cayenne, and water in a food processor until smooth. If it’s too thick, add some more water or lime juice. Pour this over the tofu and vegetables and serve immediately.

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